“SLAM” the Basketball

Blowing on his trumpet is the one and only SLAM, he’s the one they depend on to get out of any jam.

“DR. TEE” the Golf Ball

Dr. Tee plays piano and it should come as no surprise, that a ball as smart and fast as he would keep things organized.

“LOVE” the Tennis Ball

There’s nothing you won’t do for the one called LOVE on bass, if she turns to look at you with that sweet smile on her face.

“PIG” the Football

PIG beats on the skins, he can act so rough and tough, but when it’ time to play with kids, he can’t seem to get enough.

“STRIKE” the Bowling Ball

STRIKE plays lead guitar, he’s the one with all the hooks. When he’s not playing with THE ALL BALL BAND, he loses himself in books.