The All Ball Band!

THE ALL BALL BAND is comprised of the balls used in seven major sports, playing and singing their way into the hearts of kids and adults alike. “Babe” is the sax-wailing baseball, “Patches” the soccer ball is the lead singer, “Strike” is the bowling ball guitarist, “Pig” (as in pigskin) is the football drummer, “Dr. Tee” is the golf ball on keyboards, the trumpet-playing personality, fueled by the energy of their sport and their diverse tastes in music basketball is “Slam,” and “Love” (the sole female in the band) is a bass-playing tennis ball. Each character is endowed with their own unique — from pop to jazz, from rap to rock — and interacting in situations that are relatable and accessible to readers of all ages.

THE ALL BALL BAND lives in ALL BALL WORLD, where every type of sports ball comes together to affect lives on Earth in a positive way. In the collective spirit of Peanuts, Fat Albert and Sesame Street, THE ALL BALL BAND presents a whimsical and educational personification of the sports balls familiar to children and adults all around the world. As in the Toy Story series, giving human attributes to each ball — from footballs to baseballs, from bowling balls to golf balls — allows the reader to relate to the balls in a new way, while offering a fresh perspective on critical issues in familiar language. With playful, relatable examples, the reader learns how to respectfully connect with friends and family, to love the process of learning, and discover who they want to be as they grow into adulthood.