All Ball World

ABW - City of Balls

There’s a very special place that the whole human race would simply fall in love, it’s hidden far up above,a place where myriads of “balls” hope that someday they will fall, down to earth so they may feel their worth. It’s an “All Ball World” made for boy’s and girl’s you don’t need a team to fulfill your great dream,it’s an “All Ball World” where every boy and girl from sea’s to shinning sea’s can love a ball like me.What people back on earth should do is see life from our point of view we balls have heard it all,from athletes both big and tall. In “Ball World” they put their trust from “Lebron James” to “Toy’s R Us” where ever would they be, without a ball just like me? It’s an “All Ball World”.

ABB - Boy looks at moonEqual parts education and entertainment, and combining two of the most potent influences on youth culture — music and sports — THE ALL BALL BAND is only one component in the ALL BALL WORLD franchise, containing content for integrated media, extending its cross-platform reach via television, film, Internet, music production, book publishing, comics, mobile apps, computer and console video games, and live events.

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