The All Ball Band!

THE ALL BALL BAND is comprised of the balls used in seven major sports, playing and singing their way into the hearts of kids and adults alike. “Babe” is the sax-wailing baseball, “Patches” the soccer ball is the lead singer, “Strike” is the bowling ball guitarist, “Pig” (as in pigskin) is the football drummer, “Dr. Tee” is the golf ball on keyboards, the trumpet-playing personality, fueled by the energy of their sport and their diverse tastes in music basketball is “Slam,” and “Love” (the sole female in the band) is a bass-playing tennis ball. Each character is endowed with their own unique — from pop to jazz, from rap to rock — and interacting in situations that are relatable and accessible to readers of all ages.

All Ball World!

Is a mystical magical place far up into the galaxy and never seen by humans before now. It’s a place where balls of every category, shape, color and size come from. These unique characters have one goal in life and that is to have their name called by the “Elder’s” so they may journey down to earth to live, play and serve people of all ages. Yes from one to ninety two no matter what language one speaks, food you like or game you play there is a perfect ball for you to fall in love with and call your very own. So come with us on an unbelievable trip that you will never forget, discover a place where your imagination will be all you’ll ever need.

The All Ball Super Heroes!

Are the morphine super power secret weapons of “All Ball World”. These seven mighty spheres are constantly on standby ready as they wait for that special call from the “Elders” to quickly assemble themselves to go protect, honor and rescue any kid that may be in danger. We’ve even written a rap about it!