The Funny Balls

The Funny Balls – Kindle Edition eBook


“All Ball World” is a mystical magical place far, far away where all balls come from. It’s led by a group of wise older balls called “Elder Balls”. These masters of their universe decide where every young ball that’s chosen by them will go when they are sent to earth. Ball World’s vision for earth’s inhabitants were for all balls to entertain and service a multitude of human emotions and ambitions in order to keep humans smiling and in the case of “The Funny Balls” laughing! These sometimes-wacky characters may not be members of a traditional sports category but are no less important to human society. Boys and girls alike crack up just by laying eyes on them. They are the “Court Jesters” of All Ball World and they remind all of us that in life everyone from one to ninety-two can have a down right ball, a Funny Ball.

These balls are funny
And so full of joy
Some cute some not
Some just ugly toys
But don’t be surprised
If they grow on you
They all have traveled far
Just a wacky crew
If you happen to see one
The cops you do not call
Each is harmless as a lamb
They’re only Funny Balls

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