The Elder Balls

The Elder Balls – Kindle Edition eBook


“All Ball World” is a mystical magical place where all balls come from. It’s led by a group of wise older balls called “Elder Balls”. They become Elders after being involved in a history making sports event on earth and once their put into the earthly “Hall Of Fame” their bodies rise up into Ball World where they take their lofty positions as Ball Masters. These talented designers of human pastime teach young balls all they need to help make mankind’s life complete. The Elder Balls decide the destiny of every fortunate ball’s life once their chosen to go to earth. Yes whether he or she lands in the hands of a major leaguer or on the shelf of “Toys R US” their assignments are crucial. One lucky ball could even be found on a lone country road then rescued by a poor kid whose parents couldn’t otherwise afford to buy them their favorite ball. From that moment on a special life long friendship between human and ball begins, this tradition has been past down through many generations, all in the name of fun.

We are the Elder Balls
And we are here to serve you grand
We’d love to have you sing with us
With music by “The All Ball Band”
We sit on our lofty thrones
Choosing which balls will go
Down to earth to live with man
We’re the only balls who know
We are from All Ball World
A special place far away
You won’t believe your eyes
You should come visit one day

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