The Billiards

The Billiards – Kindle Edition eBook


“All Ball World” is a mystical magical place far, far away where all balls come from. It’ led by a group of wise older balls called “Elder Balls”. These masters of their universe decide where every young ball that’s chosen by them will go when they are sent to earth. Out of all the balls in Ball World, “The Billiard Balls” outnumber all the other ball members in this category, not to mention being the zaniest of them all. Whether solids or stripes, their unpredictable and cocky nature leaves you glued to your seat to see just what they will come up with next! Their hard on the outside and tuff on the inside, they will bump and jump then hide in a hole, the trickiest of balls, man they’re cold!

We’re a large team
Stripe and solid balls
We get a little dizzy
Bouncing off the walls
The cue gives a kick
And it sends us off
One player shoots
The other player coughs
The game is rather long
Must wait for a turn
Hard to knock us in
You’ve got a lot to learn

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