Bad Balls

Bad Balls – Kindle Edition eBook


“All Ball World” is a mystical magical place far, far away where all balls come from. It’ led by a group of wise older balls called “Elder Balls”. These masters of their universe decide where every young ball that’s chosen by them will go when they are sent to earth. There’s one group of balls that keeps the Elders up at night, “The Bad Balls”. They’re mischievous behavior and their downright rotten-to-the-core disposition are out of control. These ruff and tuff scrappers have always been a pain in the pineapple. Their school delinquency has prevented them from learning all the things they’d need to know to be selected for earth’s mission. The number one rule in Ball World is you must be a perfect specimen of a ball inside and out. The “BAD BALLS” are constantly sabotaging every other good ball’s effort to take their journey to earth. It’s a ball-gone shame!

Don’t look now
Here they come
Their bad balls
You’d better run
Scrubs like these
I must confess
They’ll try to make
Your life a mess
Staying clear
Is the key
The worst bunch
You’ll ever see

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