All Ball World

All Ball World – Kindle Edition eBook


“All Ball World” is a mystical magical place far, far away where all balls come from. It’s led by a group of wise older balls called “Elder Balls”. These masters of their universe decide where every ball sent to earth is going to go. When humans look into a telescope they can’t see Ball World. All they are able to see are round planets! But hidden in the depths of the stratisphere, lies a world that can only be seen when the Elder Balls grant a special pass. So the next time you look up into the universe and think you’re seeing planets, you just might be closer then you think to discover myriads of glorious balls waiting to come to earth to bounce, roll and play their way into the hearts of every kid from one to ninety-two.

A magical place where kids can dream
Play all day with their favorite team.
Be best friends with any ball
No matter your age big or small
Imagine the stories that you’ll hear
From The Elder Balls voices near
In Ball World you’re never alone
It’s so much fun
Never want to go home

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