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The All Ball Band, a musical group consisting of 7 major sports balls has been sent to this dimension of reality to help those in need. Wherever the Elder Balls see a need, they are sure to send this very special group of goodwill ambassadors to make things good again!
But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, ‘cuz I can hear you asking, “This dimension of reality?!” Yes, this dimension; because The All Ball Band is from a completely different dimension of reality, from a place far away called Ball World!
Ball World is nothing like what we know here. It’s completely magical, where sports balls of all kinds dwell. Governed by The Ball Council, which consists of Elder Balls, the inhabitants of this mystical place play an important part in the history of sports, from little league to the Olympics to championship contests, and even professional ball games! Certainly no one would believe that Michael Jordan has achieved all his successes without a little help from Slam!
Let’s take a closer look at Ball World. On a daily basis all the different kinds of balls come together to attend Council meetings held in the Hall Of Balls. In a somewhat segregated atmosphere — baseballs hang out together, as do basketballs, golf balls, etc., and very seldom do they intermingle — to receive their daily earthly assignments. The ultimate goal of Ball World is to affect lives on Earth in a positive way. As the The Elders study earthly comradery between balls and players, each action is transmitted to Ball World on large screen monitors and viewed by the entire population of Ball World, where it is decided what positive steps should be taken and who will be assigned to that championship game, to that high school tournament, to that sandbox, to that playpen!

James E. White Jr. & Walter Conley

Illustrator: E.J. Su

Jim White Enterprises

28 pages

Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / General
General, Humorous Stories, General, General
6 to 8 years

Language: English

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